UOG ImageWelcome to the Criminal Justice and Public Policy (CJPP) Program website. The CJPP program began in the 1997-1998 academic year and is a collaborative program between the Department of Sociology and Anthropology and the Department of Political Science. The objectives of the program are to demonstrate to students the intersection of law, public policy and social and criminal justice. Graduates of the program will be well versed in the subfields of public policy, criminal justice, the Canadian court and legal system, and social justice. The CJPP program draws on the teaching and research strengths within each department and has become one of the most popular specializations in the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences with over 600 majors. 

Students enrolled in CJPP have a variety of career options when they graduate. They may choose law enforcement, probation/parole and corrections work which directly relate to the criminology portion of the program. Some may also choose to further their studies with a post-degree forensics program, social work, addictions counselling, law school or graduate work in criminology. For those students who particularly enjoy the public policy end of the program, there are a variety of opportunities as policy analysts in government, non-profit groups or industry. Others may choose to go on to law school or pursue a graduate degree in political science, public administration or public policy.