Transferring into CJPP

Join the exciting study of Criminal Justice and Public Policy (CJPP)! This interdisciplinary program between the Department of Sociology and Anthropology and the Department of Political Science investigates the links between crime, law, public policy, and social and criminal justice. Our faculty and students are passionate about working to improve life through a critical understanding of the Canadian legal system, all while building a solid foundation for a career in the criminal justice system.

Students interested in applying to transfer into the CJPP major are encouraged to speak with a member of the CJPP program before pursuing next steps. Please email

Transfer Requirements for U of Guelph Students Currently Enrolled in a BA Degree Program

Students who wish to declare the CJPP major may apply once after having completed the six foundation courses below.  Students must apply directly to the program ( by June 1. Admission to the specialization will be based on the average of the six foundation courses. Acceptance will be competitive and based on available spaces, which will vary from year to year. Students with an overall average below 70% in the six foundation courses will not be considered for admission to the major. All decisions will be made by the end of June.

Foundation Courses

  • POLS*2300 Canadian Government and Politics
  • POLS*2350 Law from a Political Science Perspective
  • SOAN*2120 Introductory Methods
  • SOC*1500 Crime and Criminal Justice
  • SOC*2700 Criminological Theory
  • One of:
    • POLS*2230 Public Policy
    • POLS*2250 Public Administration and Governance
Students are encouraged to complete the core courses within their first 10 credits.

Transfer Application Instructions

  • Email from your @uoguelph email account
  • Subject should read "CJPP Transfer Application" 
  • Include your full name and student ID in the body of the email, with your unofficial transcript attached
University of Guelph International Students seeking to transfer into CJPP should contact to discuss alternative transfer processes that might better address the complexities of international study.

Transfer Requirements for U of Guelph Students Currently Enrolled in a Non-BA Degree Program

Non-BA degree students (ex. BASc, BAS, BCOMM, etc) are not eligible to transfer into the CJPP major. Non-BA degree students are required to first transfer into a BA degree program through an internal transfer, and subsequently complete the above requirements. Find full internal transfer details on Admission Service's internal transfer page or contact

Transfer Requirements for Non-U of Guelph Students Transferring from other Institutions 

There is no direct entry for transfer students to the CJPP major from other institutions. Students from other institutions who transfer to a different program at the University of Guelph and wish to declare the CJPP major must also meet the above requirements and follow the above application instructions. If external transfer students are granted credit for one or more of the foundation courses listed above, then they must attain an overall average of 70% or better in the remaining required CJPP foundation courses to be eligible to apply to transfer.