Grading System for Winter 2020

Current CJPP Students

A student-choice pass/drop/numerical grade grading system for Winter 2020 has been established.

After students have received their final grades, they can choose one of the following three options:

  1. Maintain the numerical grade achieved.
  2. Have a grade categorized as a pass (provided they passed the course).
  3. Drop the course.

Transferring into CJPP

If a student is planning to transfer into the CJPP major, a "pass" will count as satisfying the CJPP entrance requirement for each course, meaning that it will count as a completed course from the list of CJPP entrance requirements.

For the purposes of calculating a student’s CJPP entrance average, any "pass" courses will NOT be included and the student will need to achieve a 70% average or greater in the other required courses with numerical grades. 

Example: if a student elects to "pass" SOC*2700 and POLS*2300 taken in Winter 2020, they will need to have achieve a 70% average or greater in the remaining required courses to be eligible to apply to declare the CJPP major.