CJPP Faculty Advising Hours

Summer 2024

Drop-in S24 faculty advising hours will be hosted from May 1 - August 30 the Academic Advisor & Manager, CJPP

Contact information for the Faculty Advisors and Academic Advisor & Manager can be found on the Contact Us page.

Do you have questions about CJPP but you're not sure who to speak with? See below for your first points of contact: 

CJPP Advising Topics Who To Speak With When/Where/How to Speak With Them 

CJPP major and minor requirements, CJPP:C major requirements, CJPP course planning, transcript review, transferring into the CJPP major

Lauren van Veen

Wednesday - Virtual @ 10-11am

Wednesday - Virtual @ 1:30-2:30pm

Post-graduate education, career pathways, volunteer organizations, overall program concerns  Kate Puddister (Coordinator) 

Email - kpuddist@uoguelph.ca

Research focus

  Adam Kochanski

Email - adam.kochanski@uoguelph.ca

Research focus

  Tuğçe Ellialtı-Köse

Email - tugce@uoguelph.ca

Research focus 

Overall program feedback and concerns Carolyn Yule (Director) Email - cyule@uoguelph.ca
CJPP:C work terms Jessica Hanson Email jehanson@uoguelph.ca & coopba@uoguelph.ca 
CJPP:C work term report questions Kate Puddister (Coordinator)

Email - kpuddist@uoguelph.ca


Do you have questions that are not related to CJPP and aren't sure where to find assistance? See below for resources: 

Non-CJPP Advising Topics Who to Speak With When/Where/How to Speak With Them
BA Distribution Requirements, transferring into a different major, declaring a second major, or declaring a minor BA Program Counsellors Contact the BA Counselling Office
Course work, assignments, exams Course instructor, Chair of the department offering the course Find their contact details in your course outline or department website
Learning, writing and studying skills support The library Visit the library's website to review their support services

Can't find what you're looking for? Get in touch with us at cjpp@uoguelph.ca